Platform Objectives

  1.  Expanding Technology Corridor in Pickens County
    1. Conduct a Feasibility Study of Membership in the Upstate SC Alliance. (2017/2018) Pickens had 3 companies move into our county compared to 10 facilities in Oconee County. (23) Greenville, (23) Spartanburg, (5) Laurens, (3) Anderson (8) Greenwood
    2. Rehab and Retrofit used Manufacturing Facilities.  This would include site plans, rail spurs for transport of goods, and the particular needs of that industry.
    3. Appeal to specialized technological employers, continue to work with educators, and, in turn, raise the wage for our citizens.
  2. Updating Our Fire Service.
    1. Our rural communities with volunteer fire service needs 24 hr. monitoring.
    2. Reviewing and providing alternatives on equipment purchased.
    3. Establishing clear procedures for accountability.
  3. Continued Diligence to Fight the Opioid and Drug Addiction Crisis.  This requires a review of what is in place and what the most effective operation would be.
  4. Work on Road Improvement.  By seeking newer, better paying jobs, our county can repair roads and our infrastructure. 

Meet Darrell Gibbs

Darrell Gibbs is running for the Pickens County Council (District 6) this next election.  Having been raised in Pickens County and having established a successful business here for over two decades, he has the credentials to work to better Pickens County.  Darrell holds real estate licenses in SC, Georgia and North Carolina as well as auctioneer license in North Carolina and South Carolina.  This past year he established a non-profit group called "Neighborhood Stabilization NP Group, LLC" to assist communities in rehabbing properties to provide homes for various public first responders and veterans.

Key to his success in business and life is his wonderful wife, Wendy.  They are members of Gilead Baptist Church in Pickens where they actively participate in the outreach of the church. 

If elected to this position, Darrell promises truthful actions and always a willingness to serve the residents of the 6th District in Pickens County.  His approach to any responsibility is the proper attitude and lives by the mantra :  "Your attitude contributes to your outlook, and your outlook determines the outcome."

Darrell Gibbs